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Analytics For Reliability

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If you’re reading this, you probably own or are responsible for industrial assets. You want your assets to do the job you need, when and where you need it, at an optimal cost.

You also want reliability. You know reliable assets are safer, work harder, perform better and
maximise your profitability.

At Relialytics, we improve asset reliability through analytics. But we don’t just crunch numbers. Our people have had years of experience working with assets in harsh operating environments. We’ve lived with the consequences of equipment failure.

Our mission is to make your data work for you, minimise transactional processing and automate data analysis. We do this by translating the data sources into practical actions to ensure your equipment is available to work when and where you need it.

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Reduce Costs & Risk By Using Artificial Intelligence.


Raise Subsequent Actions Directly Into Your CMMS.


Comprehensive Simplified Results.

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Managing Director

Richard Marshall

Richard has worked with large operational data sets since entering the mining industry in 1996. He has retained a passion for data analysis throughout his 20+ years as a process engineer and manager working for various large engineering and construction companies including Sedgman, Worley, Uhde Shedden and Taggart Global. Richard formed Endellion Technology in 2014 to further develop his ideas around Natural Language Processing and its application to practical data analytics. Three years, a meeting with Gerard and an ACARP research grant later, Relialytics was formed. Relialytics represents Endellion’s first investment in specialised data analytics in the mining industry.

Chief Technology Officer

Scott Acker

Scott has 35 years of hands on technical expertise in the IT industry. As a CTO he has led the development of numerous IT systems and software packages which have incorporated sophisticated AI models for companies such as Nimble and Timelio. A specialist in building and leading highly effective software development and data science teams, Scott maintains a hands-on approach to software development which enables him to work more closely with his team members due to his innate understanding of the everyday tasks they undertake.

Data Analyst

Stephen Bradshaw

Stephen has had a varied 15 year career leading him to heavy industrial maintenance. This has included Mechanical Engineering and command within the Australian Army, teaching Physics and Mathematics internationally, to Data Scientist roles involving fisheries modelling and railway condition monitoring. One constant through this time has been his love of data and mathematics and its subsequent application to problem solving across diverse industries. Stephen holds a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering (Class 1 Honours), a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education, a Masters of Science in GIS (Distinction) and is currently a PhD candidate in Quantitative Marine Science.


Gerard Wood

Gerard is passionate about asset management. He has worked in the global mining industry for over 30 years undertaking various maintenance and senior leadership roles for large mining companies including BHP, Peabody, Rio Tinto and Anglo American. In 2010 Gerard founded Bluefield Asset Management Services where he was able to bring together his then 20+ years of experience to offer services to cover the life cycle of equipment, from equipment planning and optimisation to operation and reliability improvement. Relialytics is a natural extension of Gerard’s vision to improve the reliability and availability of heavy industrial equipment by delivering practical solutions through the application of data analytics.